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October 31, 2023

Deep relaxation exercise

We present you an amazing deep relaxation exercise, a daughter of hypnosis. Very helpful for deep calmness, dealing with anxiety, stress.

Schultz Autogenic Exercise (Autogenes Training)       

Schultz’s autogenic exercise (Autogenes Training), together with progressive muscle relaxation, is one of the most widespread relaxation and stress management techniques in Europe. It was first practiced by the German neurologist/psychiatrist Schultz in 1920.  Derived from hypnosis, autogenic exercise is a technique in which the person, through suggestions made to himself or herself, after training by a specialist, manages to induce a very intense sense of relaxation, thus releasing tension. For this reason, it is described as the sister of hypnosis. It could also be called self-hypnosis. The etymology of the term, coming from the Greek, means that the sensation comes from the self, so it can justifiably be regarded as a kind of self-hypnosis.
The self-hypnotic state is created by the influence of the self with the help of the types of autogenic exercise. By repeating these formulations for different parts of the body the individual brings about the desired state by mobilizing the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation system). Through his own practice he reaches a level of intense depth of relaxation which he can gradually bring about with greater ease.
 As in progressive muscle relaxation, in autogenic exercise the practitioner concentrates his attention on his body sensation, gradually acquiring a better physical self-awareness and the corresponding control of physical tension/relaxation.
 The application of autogenic exercise is harmless and has many areas of application, comparable to progressive muscle relaxation

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