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Every personality isunique and needs individualized

Every individual has endless possibilities and endless sources of energy

As a professional psychologist, hypnotherapist and biofeedback therapist, I have worked with a large number of people and collaborated with various organisations. My understanding of the term psychology and therapy is characterised by scientifically sound expertise and evidence-based intervention and support. Using specially designed software with corresponding devices that objectively and reliably measure the psychic effect on the body, all approaches provided in my practice lead to an accurate assessment of the problem and a controlled course of therapeutic or counselling intervention.




Aroutzidis Anthimos - Psychologist



The psychotherapy or counselling session takes place in the office. In very rare and special cases, it can also be carried out at home by prior arrangement.

The counselling session usually lasts about 50 minutes. It takes place in the office, or via the internet. The psychotherapy session, on the other hand, takes place only in my office and can last up to 1 hour, but is not exclusively limited to that time.

Cancellation of the session is accepted up to 24 hours before the scheduled start time. Cancellation in less than the specified time will be at the patient’s expense. Exceptions are made in exceptional cases.


Sessions held via the internet are a very practical solution, eliminating the problem of time and space or distance.

The client must have an active Skype account, which is preferred due to the better quality of image and sound. The session is prepaid and a confirmation mail is sent confirming the deposit details. The proof of service is sent to the depositor’s address.


Ability to have sessions via skype



Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Psychotherapy (therapy of the soul) is the basic building block for all forms of psychological processes that aim to treat psychosomatic illnesses, trauma or behavioural dysfunctions without medication.

Clinical psychotherapy/hypnotherapy is one of the most prevalent forms of psychotherapy worldwide. Its main characteristic in comparison to other forms of psychotherapy is that the psychotherapeutic process takes place in the subconscious of the patient. It is therefore therapy that takes place “in a subliminal state”, in a different state of consciousness.

Panic attacks are characterised by intense symptoms experienced by the person and are extremely disturbing. This phobic reaction manifests itself intensely in the body and brings about a series of psychophysiological changes during the time that the panic attack occurs.

Biofeedback therapy should only be applied by properly trained specialists. Abroad the title and application of biofeedback therapy is protected and applied only by persons trained by an official biofeedback company. These and only these individuals are entitled to bear the title of biofeedback therapist. In short, the title of biofeedback therapist and the practice of biofeedback therapy shall be held and applied only by medical doctors, psychologists trained in psychotherapy and/or clinical psychology, following a protocol of training by the respective official biofeedback company. The training varies depending on the company and the level of difficulty in obtaining the biofeedback therapist certification. The Austrian and German biofeedback and psychophysiology societies have a 150-hour training protocol with 10 hours of supervised application of therapy, as well as a mandatory one-case treatment presentation paper.

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