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Aroutzidis Anthimos

Brief CV

Educational background:

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
  • MSc in Stress Management and Counselling (University of Middlesex, London, UK)
  • Certified professional knowledge (University of Middlesex, London, UK):
    • Psychology & Psychotherapy, level 7 (Master level)
    • Stress Management, level 6 (Honours level)
    • Counselling, level 7 (Master level)
    • Personality profiling, level 6 (Honours level)
    • Eating disorder rehabilitation, level 6 (Honours level)
    • Communication skills, level 7 (Master level)
  • Advanced Diploma Clinical Psychotherapy-Hypnotherapy GHSC (UK)
  • Biofeedback Therapist Diploma, with training in Neurofeedback (Austrian Society for Biofeedback and Psychophysiology)
  • Specialized in Negotiation Techniques (University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki)
  • Scientific collaborator of the Laboratory of Health Physics and Computational Intelligence of the T.E.I. of Patras
  • Trained VERIM – Trainer & Telecoach, exclusive representative of training and distribution of VERIM Biofeedback systems
  • Certified in hypnotic childbirth preparation

Participation in relevant associations:

  • Registered with the official register of British Hypnotherapists (GHSC)

Professional experience:

  • Functionary of the Institution of Psychosocial Care of the Army with the specialization of Psychologist
  • Many years of activity in support, psychotherapy and counselling of overweight/obese people (private institutions and as a private practitioner)
  • Coordination of parenting groups
  • Many years of activity in counselling co-dependent persons (group/individual)
  • Several years’ experience in counselling addicts (private institutions and as a private practitioner)
  • Several years’ experience as a private psychologist (counselling, psychotherapy, coaching)
  • Lecturer in psychology/coaching seminars
  • Scientific and research consultant for VERIM (consulting and research of biofeedback software)
  • Coach of athletes (performance enhancement, stress management, encouragement of athletes)
  • Scientific supervisor of the OASIS NGO (Centre for the Support of Addicts)

A few words from me

As a professional psychologist, hypnotherapist and biofeedback therapist, I have worked with a large number of people and collaborated with various institutions. My understanding of the term psychology and therapy is characterised by scientifically sound expertise and evidence-based intervention and support. Using specially designed software with corresponding devices that objectively and reliably measure the psychic effect on the body, all approaches provided in my practice lead to an accurate assessment of the problem and a controlled course of therapeutic or counselling intervention. One of the main purposes is the combination of psychology and therapy with modern technology. For this reason, I introduced corresponding equipment in Greece to provide the mental health professional with an additional tool for his work ( I created together with a foreign company the Verim lab software, which makes the accuracy of each intervention extremely accurate. Of major importance is psychoeducation. I believe and invest in my work in essence retraining functions of the individual or group that entrusts me, utilizing the latest development of science in this field. The philosophy underlying my work is that each personality is unique and therefore in need of individualized support. Every individual has endless potential and endless resources. I individually seek to mobilize these potentials and sources of energy with anyone who trusts me. In the context of cooperation, mutual respect is a prerequisite as it leads to a relationship of trust.