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Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Techniques and Services



  • Treatment of ego states
  • Psychodialysis Treatment
  • Age Regression Therapy
  • Treatment of Hypnotic Submissions
  • Sports Hypnosis
  • Hypnotic preparation for childbirth
  • Smoking Cessation Protocol through Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnosis for the workplace
  • Protocol-based hypnotic intervention to reduce appetite in overweight subjects


Specifically, through clinical hypnotherapy and hypnosis, the following services are provided, among others:


  • Dealing with stress, anxiety disorder, depression, psychotraumatic stress, compulsion and coercion
  • Dealing with interpersonal problems, low self-esteem
  • Preparation for stressful conditions (national exams, professional meetings, sports competitions, etc.)
  • Improved performance (professional, sports, school/learning, attention/concentration, etc.)
  • Dealing with overweight and eating disorders
  • Smoking cessation, and addiction management
  • Sexual disorders
  • Preparing for childbirth
  • Chronic pain
  • Psychosomatics


In my practice, clinical hypnotherapy and hypnosis are applied using special bio-interactive software created and made available by me (available and trained), in order to record all related subconscious emotional reactions and the progress of the treatment.